What to Bring

Blankets, sheets, pillows, pillowcase and sleeping bags


Towels and toiletries


Swimming gear


Groceries and provisions.


A toaster if you like to toast things


Sandals or water shoes for the beach



Paper towels


Matches or lighters


Tall kitchen trash bags to replenish what you use


Toilet paper to replenish what you use


Hats to protect from the sun




Barbeque supplies


A computer or laptop for communication via e-mail


Enough changes of clothing for your entire stay. There is no clothes washer, but you can rinse things in the sink and dry them on the slats.


Cash. Mexicans always accept US dollars, although they may give change in pesos. Usually, credit cards and checks are not accepted.


Passports or green cards



Should we buy insurance?


As you approach the border from the U.S. there are many businesses offering insurance for motorists visiting Mexico. I couldn't honestly say whether it is worth it because each person's risk perception is different.


You do hear horror stories of being involved in an accident and being thrown into jail even if it's not your fault. I have no doubt that this can happen, but I can tell you from personal experience that the best kind of insurance policy you can have there is a wad of cash which, unlike insurance, costs you nothing if you never have to use it.


I once backed into a car at a Pemex station and put a serious dent in its front bumper. I offered the driver $100 cash and she felt that I had overpaid. Done deal.


On another occasion my beat up Nissan truck was totaled in an accident in which I was the innocent party. The other driver offered me $500 cash and a ride to the border. Very simple. No insurance involved.



Should we buy groceries in the US?


If you expect to be in San Felipe in the afternoon or early evening on you way to the Cube you should consider stopping at the Calimax or one of the town's other markets to stock up on provisions. There won't be much difference in the price—maybe a little cheaper in Calimax. And you will not have to worry about keeping your foods and drinks fresh during the hot desert trek.


If you are a fan of organic produce and health foods, however, you'd be better off bringing it with you because you won't find the equivalent in Baja at any price.