Town and Village


Delicias The pueblo Delicias (Delights) is the last outpost on the highway before you arrive at the Cube, a distance of about four miles beyond the tiny village. Probably fewer than 500 people live here, and even fewer in Summer. Yet the village has two cafés, grocery, a hardware store, a community center, an elementary school, a doctor and a policeman. A diesel generator distributes electricity for a limited time after dark with power lines on poles. A well provides slightly brackish water. The settlement probably originated from a nearby sulphur mine and grew when the Highway was paved in the 1970s.


Dining in Delicias Delicas is the community hub for the residents of the beach campos in the area. In the past, there have been several roadside eateries in the village, but many have fallen by the wayside. From October to the beginning of June the two remaining Cafés— Chelo’s, and Anicetos are open, but not all days of the week. The cafés offer similar hearty Mexcian fare including chile rellenos and shrimp tacos with Chelo’s being perhaps a little more ambitious with their menu. Anicetos features a nice outdoor bar in the back.

[above] 1. Josefina’s house in Delicias. Her mother operates the nearby Marino Restaurant (currently not in operation). Josefina manages the village food bank. Laundry service is also part of her business


[left] 2. The sign in front of Chelo’s Café at the North end of the village


[below] 3. Aniceto's outdoor bar; 4. Autoservicio Amazonas is the primary source of ice, propane, drinking water, beverages and basic necessities; 5. Fresh produce for sale at the farmer's market in Delicias, held every Wednesday morning, except during the Summer months




Staples The Amazon Autoservicios has beer and snacks, and a quite a good selection of staples including tortillas and produce. It also supplies drinking water and propane refills  Perishable items like milk and butter are best purchased in San Felipe, or brought with you from the U.S.


Farmer's Market Every Wednesday from 9 am to noon a farmer's market is set up in the Delicias poblado. This is a recent and welcome addition to the services and amenities of the village. There you can purchase fresh produce, baked goods and other groceries that are usually unavailable except in San Felipe. Like many of the amenities in the area, the farmer’s market is closed from June to September.

[below] 6. The double white arches that mark the entrance to San Felipe



BAJA 1000





















Route of the Baja 1000 off road vehicle race which takes place November 12–16th, 2014

San Felipe San Felipe is the nearest town of any size too the Cube. With a population of about 16,000, it etc etc. It is a slow-paced town with a modest business district fronting the sea—the Malécon. Many of the back streets are unpaved. There is some development to the North of town catering to the American expats, but the town's principal activities are shrimp fishing and the tourist trade. San Felipe is where you’ll want to stock up on provisions if you will be staying at the Cube for a weeks or more. It’s a long way to town, so you can make a day of it and do all your shopping at once. There is a new Calimax as well as DJs market and Alicia's self-serve on the road leading to the Cube. The general layout of the town with its amenities is shown on this map.


San Felipe has many cafés and restaurants, mainly on the Malécon. if you like casual outdoor dining we recommend the Morena Café at the South corner of the seafront street for fish and shrimp tacos and seafood cocktails. Rice and Beans at the other end of the strip looks like a bit of a dive, but their cooking is great and they make a wonderful shrimp omelet. And then there are all the little roadside and alleyway taco huts too numerous to mention mostly on the main routes leading out of own.




The festival usually takes place in early November.

[from the official San Felipe Shrimp Festival website] “The San Felipe Shrimp Festival is the most important gastronomic event of San Felipe, which has an impact mainly on Cities of Mexicali, Tijuana, Ensenada, Los Angeles, San Diego, Southern California and Yuma Arizona, It takes place on the Malécon, the beachfront street in the town with live music. Dancing and food contests will be throughout the festival. At the Shrimp Festival, you’ll be able to sample fantastic shrimp and seafood meals, browse and shop at the stands filled with unique local products, take in the live music and entertainment, and simply have a great time with friends at the heart of downtown San Felipe.”



[above] 7. DJ’s was the largest market in San Felipe before Calimax was opened in 2014. It is just past the second driving circle en route to the Cube; 8. across the the street from DJ’s is a good place to buy local fish and shrimp; 9. part of the shrimp fishing fleet at the harbor. During shrimp season, starting in September, you can buy shrimp from the dock