The Seasons

Climate In a word: hot. For four months of the year, June, July, August and September maximum daytime temperatures are about 95° F. On the positive side, sea temperatures during the same period are in the mid 80s. And you can usually count of a brisk breeze to take the edge off the heat. Winter temperatures are mild, but at night it can get quite chilly—below 50° F. Although the Cube is in a desert zone high humidity can occur due to the proximity of water, and that can cause discomfort during the Summer months. When is the ideal time of year to stay at the Cube? October.


It is often quite windy at the Cube. The wind typically starts to pick up at about 10 AM and will subside by sunset. The prevailing wind is from the Northeast, averaging 11 mph and velocities of 25 mph are not uncommon, but there are also frequent periods of dead calm.


Rainfall is minimal with an annual average of 1.5 inches.

Year-round air and water temperatures at the Cube in degrees Fahrenheit

Sun, moon, stars, and tides Nowhere is the interconnection of these forces of nature more manifest than at the Cube. For example, if the moon rises as the sun sets it will be a full moon, as will be perfectly obvious just by looking out of the window. On this page we have provided some handy widgets that will help you keep track of the times of these natural events. If you like to view the spectacle of the stars in this remote location with no light pollution you would need a night with little of no moon. Likewise, if you want to take a swim at high tide for ease of entering and exiting the water, the widget below will help you. Or perhaps you would want to take a walk out to the sand banks at low tide and harvest some clams for a tasty meal.
















Cube Almanac

Current month lunar phases


Sunrise, sunset; moonrise moonset times for the Cube latitude can be found here

Star Finder

[below] Tides at the Cube. There is a 20 foot maximum range between low and high tide (not to scale). Click refresh to repeat.