The Cube online The Internet is an essential part of living at the Cube because there is no reliable mail, telephone, radio or television service at the location, and the Internet serves all these purposes. The service is quite good and reliable, but there a strict limit per month for Internet usage. When you reach the limit, the service will shut off completely. So be very moderate in using the Internet. If you like to watch late night movies, however, there is unlimited use from midnight to 4 am. Since the energy usage of the Internet equipment—dish, modem and router are insignificant we leave these running even when the Cube is unoccupied so that one may go online immediately upon arrival.


If your computer can use an Ethernet input, you can hook up to the blue cable that runs from upstairs to the center wall of the kitchen. There is also a wifi unit which requires as password to access. If you are an approved Cube visitor you will receive an email with the password.




Satellite dish receiver

[above] Schematic of the Cube's Internet system

[above] Receiver module of the satellite dish on the roof [right] The modem and the router on the shelf above are located opposite the bathroom upstairs [below] A computer is connected to the blue Ethernet cable feeding from the modem upstairs