Getting Help

Officer Román Madueña



It's sometimes difficult to avoid getting stuck in the sand if you do not have four wheel drive. The wash on the approach road to the Cube is a particularly hazardous area. Avoid stopping at the approach to the concrete ramp. When going down the ramp NEVER make a left turn at the bottom.


If you get stuck:

1. Don't keep spinning your wheels and dig in deeper.

2. Let the air out the tires to about 50%

3. Use shovels in the Cube shed to free the wheels.

4. Try reversing.

5. If all of the above does not work, ask a neighbor with a four wheel drive truck for a tow.

The doctor Dr José Manuel Lopez Mendoza and his family are residents of Delicias, the village about 4 miles North of the Cube. They also run the famous Chelo's restaurant which is clearly visible from the highway at the North end of the village. There is a small but well equipped medical facility in the building adjacent to the café. But Dr Lopez is only there on the weekend, and is absent from June to October—the hottest months during which many of the local residents leave town for cooler quarters. Dr. Lopez  also operates a clinic, ­the Baja Medical Center, just North of San Felipe, near the large Pemex station and the Rockodile billboard on the main highway. If you have access to a telephone you can contact him at 686 567 0200, or mobile number 686 216 6840. His email is


The neighbors There are only a few people in the vicinity of the Cube who live there year round, and most of those will occasionally take trips to visit relatives in the US. If you need help or advice Juan Medina is a native of Mexico and a US citizen who lives in the two-story beige house on the other side of the wash, and is the closest neighbor. Juan is likely to introduce himself whenever he sees visitors at the Cube. He is accomplished fisherman who sometimes sets nets from the shoreline. The Medinas are bilingual and are usually there at most times of the year. Further to the South you may find year-round gringo residents Hank and Molly and Lee and Nancy who inhabit neighboring houses in nearby Campo Jiminez.


The gringos There is a active community of American expats in the are. Vicki Kimble puts out a regular newsletter with events and information. Here is a link to her email.


The locals Darío is a handy man who also operates a tractor and can also deliver water. He lives in at a campo a little to the North of the Cube and his English is fluent. His phone number is 686 577 0709, mobile 686 119 4986. And there is Teo (Ted). Teo is a rather frail looking fellow who lives at the Cadena compound. His job is to guard the Campo. For a modest fee he can be relied upon for cleanup and digging, should a need arise. Juan Medina can help with communication.


The police There is a modest police presence in the village of Delicias staffed by officer Román Madueña and a receptionist. The police station is located in the center of the village about two blocks from the highway. Their phone number is 01 200 124 9008, or moble number 686 110 2456. Their email is, or



Dr Pepe Lopez