Arrival Checklist

Welcome to the Cube. Here are seven rather easy things that we recommend that you do as soon as you arrive—not necessarily in the same order as shown here!



Open the Cube front door The door knob should have electrical tape over the keyhole. This is to keep the sand from getting into the lock. Remove and discard the tape and use the Cube key to open the front door. If it's dark you will find a light switch just inside the front door to the left.



Turn on the refrigerator Turn on the fridge by dialing the light blue knob inside the door on the right. Reach for the light bulb which is hidden inside the control console and give it a couple of turns to activate it. It takes about an hour for the fridge to reach full coolness.



Light the water heater If you arrive at night, we suggest you wait until morning to operate the slightly tricky hot water heater which is located under the stairs accessible from a small door in the North outside wall. You probably won’t need hot water until morning.


To light the hot water heater, Remove the outer and inner metal cover plates and set aside, push down and turn the red knob on the top of the control box to Piloto and set the red dial on the side of the tank also to Piloto. Place a lit match or lighter by the pilot burner and press down on the knob as the flame lights. Keep the knob down for 30 seconds, and release.


Now, push down and turn red control knob to Abierto. Turn the red dial on the side to Tibio. Replace the two metal covers to protect the pilot light from wind. (If the pilot does not light, refer to Cube Sytems: Propane.)


In the Summer months—from June to October—the sun will preheat the water in the roof tank to the extent that the pilot light alone is sufficient to keep the water hot.


The tank heats quite quickly—less than an hour. Keep the wooden water heater closet door closed because of wind which could blow the pilot light out.



Check the water pump Be sure that the DC water pump is turned on. The switch is behind a hinged panel above the upstairs sink and mirror. The water pump makes a loud buzzing noise when you run water. This is normal.



Check toilet water supply Check to see that the gravity feed water supply directly from the roof tank to the toilet is turned on. The valve is in the small room with the heart-shaped window upstairs in the Southeast corner of the building. Look for a vertical blue pipe with a red valve behind the chest of drawers. The on position is vertical. The gravity feed bypasses the water pump so the the toilet will operate even if the pump fails.



Check the level of the roof water tank You can do this from the ground by looking up to the roof tank from the West side of the building. A clear plastic pipe standing beside the tank has a float which is visible from ground level, You can also take a closer look from the roof itself. Access to the roof is from a ladder in an alcove upstairs at to the right of the bathroom sink. Open the roof hatch by loosening the nut and sliding the bolt that secures the hatch from the inside. Check the water level by removing the cover of the black tank in the middle of the roof. The previous visitors should have left the tank full.


If the tank is not full, activate the pump in the small closet under the stairwell. The switch is an the wall to the right of the hot water heater.

More information about using the water system is found here.



Connect to the Internet The modem and router upstairs are powered on from a power strip on the wall. Normally they are left on. The wifi works for most computers. You will have been given a password when you picked up the key. There is also a blue Ethernet cable downstairs for a direct hookup. See here for for more information about the Internet at the Cube.


That's it for now. For day to day operation please read the section Enjoying Your Stay.


[top] The refrigerator control console is shown in the off position [above] The hot water heater control box with the blue outer cover plate below it [below] The water pump above the bathroom sink